5 Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Family photos can be so hard and stressful to find outfits for. You may have a color scheme you have to follow or you just have so much pressure to look good. Do not worry! We are here to help you and make this process a little more enjoyable :)

Jumpsuits + a cute hat

Ok, we are a huge fan of the //Audrey Navy Floral Jumpsuit// It is unique and oh so comfortable. This color looks good with a lot of different colors. It is so flattering on a lot of different body types. If it's cooler out, throw a denim jacket or cream cardigan over it and you are set! 

Boho Look 

If you are not a dress or jumpsuit fan, this outfit is for you. It is super simple but I love adding a hat or necklace to spice it up. Again if it is cooler out, throw a pair of booties on with it instead of sandals. You got the perfect simple look. 

Kimono Lovers

If you have been following us for awhile, you will know we LOVE kimonos. Like excuse me but isn't this outfit BOMB?! Again, this color palette will work with a lot of different colors, so you will match your kids, husband, parents etc PERFECT ;)

Midi Dress 

I cannot leave out the perfect midi dress. Moms, this is a great one for you if you want to look dressy but still have a good length for running around after your kids! The olive color and dainty floral pattern SCREAMS fall!!


Lastlyif you are having more of a causal photoshoot like in home or newborn shoots this outfit is perfect. It is comfy yet looks presentable and like you tried!


So there you have it, those are all the family photoshoot outfits that we put together for you! You can shop all of these looks online at www.willowcreeksd.com or in store. Never be afraid to ask us any questions, we are here to help!